Since the anti-Semitism in Germany increased, many talented Jewish artists came to Poland. One of them was famous director Alexander Marten. The film "Sins" was based on real events. The story combines Jewish folklore with a melodramatic plot. Leo, Jewish officer of the Austrian army, has  an affair with rabbi's daughter Esther who lives in a small Galician town. Esther's father oposses their relationship. Without being married Esther becomes pregnant and Leo is ordered to go to the front. Esther tosses the infant at the threshold of the house of two friends Szamaja and Awrejmla. She goes to the U.S. and starts music career. However, she is not happy and after sixteen years she returns to Poland looking for her child.

Director: Alexander Marten; screenplay: Jecheskiel Moshe Neuman, photos: Stanislaw Lipinski; starring: Abraham Morewski, Rachel Holzer, Clara Segalowicz, Simon Dzigan, Israel Szumacher, Kurt Katsch, Ruth Turks, Herbert Szercer and others.