Mateczka a film based on the success of scenic Molly Picon, art "Mamele" Mayer Schwartz, enjoying a very successful thirties on the Vistula. The popularity of the song was so great that they decided to move it to the screen. In the film, the main role, as well as on stage, played the Jewish star Molly Picon. Tom Green film, and achieved great success, not only in Poland but in the U.S.. The success of "Mateczki" Picon decided excellent acting, but also touching, warm, Jewish humor, pervading the entire movie. The song is the title character Chewcie Samed - resourceful woman who promised his mother that after her death to look after his family. The task is difficult, because familia Samedów is large and without a "head house" will inevitably go into disarray. Not yet reign over her helpless father, constantly snujący visions (and only visions) lucrative interests and demanding the children to maintain it. Meanwhile, his two daughters and three sons, poses more problems than good. Chewcie, despite numerous obstacles, takes his family "a handful". Their small, daily victories, however, occupies a growing fatigue caused swarami and family troubles. 

After its premiere in Poland in January 1939, the premiere American. The film has gathered a very kind review. Especially liked the spontaneous nature of stories, both touching and irresistibly funny. Melodious songs easily fell into the ear of an integral part of the action.


Directed by: Tom Konrad, Joseph Green, the screenplay by Tom Konrad, photos: Seweryn Steinwurzel, Cast: Molly Picon, Edmund Zayenda, Gertrude Bulaman, Max Bożyk, Symche Fostel, Ola Śliwkowicz, Max Perelman and others.