The story begins in the film before World War I in a small Galician town. David Bardyczewski family man, a man universally beloved, gifted with a beautiful voice and the ability to compose catchy melodies. Unfortunately there is no talent for business. Seeing no prospects for themselves, choosing to travel to America. After years of hard work, but only enough for his ticket to the younger son, Aronka. After leaving her husband and daughter for his elder son in the war, his wife Deborah are the same and tries unsuccessfully to make contact with David and Aron. Everything finds its happy end thanks to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and through the song once arranged by David - In memory of her beloved home.

Directed by: Leon Trystan, Joseph Green, the screenplay Oszerowicz Mendel, Anatol Stern, Image: Seweryn Steinwurzel, Cast: Lucy German, German Mischa, Alexander Stein, Izak Grudberg, Edmund Zayenda, Max Bożyk, Gertrude Bullman et al.