Oral history
Zeugen der Geschichte

Kuba Rose

Name des Gesprächspartners:
Familienname des Gesprächspartners:
Józef Markiewicz
Przemysław Jaczewski
17th August 2017
POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews
Nachkommen polnischer Juden

Interlocutor biogram

Kuba Rose was born in Stockholm in 1979 and grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm. His mother, Joanna Rose, came to Sweden in 1971 and it was there that she met his father at university (she studied architecture). Kuba Rose has a sister and a brother.

He studied at the Film School and later studied business at the Stockholm School of Economics; he also attended the Stockholm School of Professional Photography. He worked at an assistant photographer and later as a magazine photographer. He graduated from the School of Economics and left for Paris together with his partner. After returning, he worked for a film festival and took up photography once again.

He came to Poland for the first time in 1993 together with his family; in 1995 (or 1996) he visited Poland as part of a trip organised by a Jewish youth organisation. He is studying medicine; he has a daughter and a son and is currently on paternity leave.

Recording circumstances description

The interview was recorded in Stockholm.

Recording summary

  1. Information on the interviewee’s family; 00:00:53
  2. The interviewee’s education and employment; 00:05:37
  3. The interviewee’s links to the Jewish community; the interviewee’s identity; the mother’s links to the Jewish community in Sweden; 00:11:30
  4. The interviewee’s Jewish acquaintances; 00:17:39
  5. Absence of discussion of his Jewish roots in the past; the mother’s return to Jewish traditions; 00:18:57
  6. Lack of plans to return to Poland; the interviewee’s Polish name; 00:20:33
  7. Trip to Poland; lack of family trips to Poland in childhood; the mother’s visits to Poland in present times; 00:22:41
  8. The mother’s stories about Poland; the mother’s family; 00:29:00
  9. The mother’s visits to Poland; 00:32:46
  10. Sense of acceptance in Sweden; 00:34:20
  11. Memories of the interviewee’s grandmother; 00:37:39
  12. Arrival of the mother’s family in Sweden; departure of the mother’s brother for the USA; 00:40:00
  13. The interviewee’s grandparents; absence of religious observance in the family; celebration of Jewish holidays by the interviewee’s family in present times; 00:41:38
  14. Family of the interviewee’s girlfriend; 00:50:03
  15. Reflection on the sense of Jewishness; 00:51:29
  16. The events of March 1968; arrival of the mother’s family in Sweden; 00:53:26
  17. Life of the interviewee’s grandparents in Sweden; the family’s situation in Poland before 1968; 00:58:47
  18. The beginning of the interviewee’s family’s life in Sweden; 01:02:40
  19. Family heirlooms; 01:03:37
  20. Reflection on the issue of the interviewee’s national identity; 01:05:53
  21. Lack of contact with Polish culture; 01:15:21
  22. Anti-Semitism in Sweden; 01:18:48
  23. Views on the migrant crisis; 01:25:28
  24. Reflection on the issue of the interviewee’s identity; 01:29:08
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