Medem Library

Medem Library: in 1925 the Jewish immigrants and activists of the Bund in France formed an organization dedicated to promoting Yiddish culture under the name of the Workers' Club by name of Vladimir Medem (Arbeter Club oyfn nomen Vladimir Medem), also known as the Union of Medem (Medem Farband). In February 1929 there was The Library at the Association founded by name of Hersh David Nomberg, which was located at Franc Bourgeois St. 50 in Paris. There were being books and newspapers in Yiddish collected; it was a place of meetings and cultural events of Jewish immigrants. The Library developed in collaboration with the Arbeter Ring organization and with the support of the Jewish writers such as Peretz Hirszbajn, Zalmen Szneur, Sholem Asch, David Einhorn. During the war the library’s by name of Nomberg resources were hidden in the building at Vieille-du-Temple Street. In 1944 the Library was renamed into the Library by name of Vladimir Medem at the Arbeter Ring organization. The Library operates the House of Yiddish Culture, in which the Yiddish language courses are organized, books and works of Yiddish literature published, the concerts played, theater works performed and films projected.

The term was created within the framework of the project Zapisywanie świata żydowskiego w Polsce [recording the Jewish environment in Poland], whose author is Anka Grupińska, a well-known Polish journalist and writer, specializing in the modern history of the Polish Jews. The project, initiated in 2006 by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, consists in recording interviews with Polish Jews from all generations.
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