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Kultura - czasopismo

“Kultura” (Polish for Culture): a Polish quarterly, later a monthly, published from 1947 to 2000 in Maisons – Lafitte near Paris (the first issue was published in Rome). It was being published and edited by Jerzy Giedroyc. It was one of the most important magazines of the Polish emigration. “Kultura” was publishing articles on political and social subjects as well as literary and historical texts. The liberal circle of the Polish emigration was clustering around Giedroyc and “Kultura”. This circle as the first had accepted the post-war eastern border of Poland, it was calling for peaceful relations with Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Lithuanians and was supporting the changes taking place in Poland after 1956. Juliusz Mieroszewski, Gustaw Herling-Grudziński, Czesław Miłosz and Witold Gombrowicz were contributing to “Kultura”. Despite the obstacles, “Kultura” was available in Poland. Since the 1970s the writers living in communist Poland had been being published in the journal, thanks to which “Kultura” had become one of the journals of the democratic opposition. According to Giedroyc’s whish “Kultura” stopped being published after his death.

The term was created within the framework of the project Zapisywanie świata żydowskiego w Polsce [recording the Jewish environment in Poland], whose author is Anka Grupińska, a well-known Polish journalist and writer, specializing in the modern history of the Polish Jews. The project, initiated in 2006 by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, consists in recording interviews with Polish Jews from all generations.