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The Project

The importance of Virtual Shtetl cannot be exaggerated; it is a pioneering and inspiring way forward for the teaching of this vital element in the long and vibrant story of the Jews of Poland

Martin Gilbert

Surfing the portal of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, I realize that it is an exceptional tool and place for exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences (…). The access to information and its distribution are no longer limited. Thanks to the Virtual Shtetl project, as well as easy Internet access, the youth, students and residents of even the smallest towns have an opportunity to discover and explore history unknown to them until present day.

Władysław Bartoszewski

As an American Ambassador one of the important tasks for me is to strengthen Polish-American relations. There are ten million Americans of Polish descent and many of them also happen to be Jewish. In fact, two thirds of American Jews can trace their roots back to Poland. And  they are beginning to learn more about their background and one of the ways they do it, even before they make a trip to Poland, is the Web with the Virtual Shtetl programme, which is really a terrific thing and if you have not looked at it, check it out.

Lee A. Feinstein

Virtual Shtetl is primarily a social community where mutual relations are initiated and strengthened. In the contemporary era of the developing Internet network, this community forms, above all, in the virtual space.

Albert Stankowski Project Creator

About the project 

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The "Virtual Shtetl" is devoted to the Jewish history of Poland. Currently, our portal is a source of information, but in the future it will also include an interactive system by which Internet users will interact with each other. It will create a link between Polish-Jewish history and the contemporary multicultural world.

The "Virtual Shtetl" is a museum without barriers, a consequent extension of the real Museum. Its main objective is to provide a unique social forum for everyone interested in Polish-Jewish life. The "Virtual Shtetl" re-tells the history of Polish Jews, which existed to a great extent in towns and villages (Yiddish: shtetl) more >>>

The portal was established in 2008 and developed by the Jewish Historical Institute Association in the following years until 2012. In 2012, the portal was donated by the Association to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

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