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Support the Virtual Shtetl

Support Virtual Shtetl with as little as a token sum of money! Encourage the Poles to learn more about the cultural heritage of their own country, and spur Jews of Polish origin, who are spread all around the world, to discover their roots anew.

As little as 5 EUR, donated by benevolent people, may help preserve the history and heritage of Jews in the Polish land.

Everything published on the portal is the result of the committed work of the small Virtual Shtetl team, of the support and great effort of more than one hundred volunteers from all around the world and of the feedback from many portal users who have decided to share their knowledge, photographs and memories with others.

We need your help for Virtual Shtetl to continue with its mission, to remain a vivid platform for activities for the benefit of the Jewish heritage and an open tolerant society. Your support will be not so much material but rather symbolic! Everyone who will donate at least 5 EUR, will be honored on the Our Donors section, if they so desire. Such an honorable mention will be accompanied by a dedication, and a personal text. If you can support us with a greater amount of money, we will be extremely grateful to you because we will be able to accomplish more.

We can continue the project together!

Bank account number: PL 95 1240 6247 1111 0000 4973 1057
Bank Pekao SA Warszawa ul. Grzybowska 53/57

Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich
ul. Mordechaja Anielewicza 6
00-157 Warszawa

NIP: 525-234-77-28
REGON: 140313762

Please specify whether you wish to be honored on the website and provide us with your contact data (most preferably your e-mail address) in the bank transfer name so that we can thank you for your support and agree on the wording of the dedication.

In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to send back the donation and abstain from publishing the dedication.