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The Lasting Memory

A monument in the form of matzewa appeared on the way from Chełm to Hrubieszów to commemorate the murdered Jews. The Lasting Memory Foundation in Warsaw with the help of Bialopole municipality founded this monument. Also Harley Lippman, living in the USA, supported it financially. Not only the officials representing the local administration but also some local residents, representatives of the Foundation, guests from Brazilian Curitiba and clergymen of three faith appeared yesterday when the monument was unveiled.

Zbigniew Nizinski, the chairman of The Lasting Memory Foundation, asked them to pray for the innocent victims. “Supposedly, it happens very rarely that there are a Roman Catholic parson, a parson of the Pentecostal church and the chief rabbi of Poland standing in front of you”, a priest Waldemar Joniec, the parson in Buśno, said. “Our society has always been multicultural. We have our own national honor and patriotism, we have also the historical truth which does not allow us to forget that only fifty years ago there were some Jews who lived and worked with us, who were Poles as well. This very meeting is a proof that we have forgotten the past and hatred and seize the present and love. The priest has also mentioned the Jerusalem trees which are planted for the Righteous Among the Nations.

Blina Lorber, a journalist from Curitiba and the daughter of the dead Dawid Rolnik Lorber, who miraculously survived the “Death March”, was a special guest of the event. “I am really touched when I walk on the land where my father was”, she said yesterday in Buśno. “He described what he had gone through during the war and wrote down his memories. I consider a monument in Buśno to be the fulfillment of his mission. It is a sign of remembrance about those who were murdered only because they were Jews.