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Shalom in Lublin



‘Shalom. Meetings with Jewish Culture’ are taking place in Lublin. Many artists, inspired by Jewish art, are set to appear. On 11th of August we had an opportunity to listen to the bands Cukunft and Yazzbot Mazut, which presented an avant-garde approach to the Jewish music. Moscow’52 and Andre Ochodlo & The Jazzish Company are going to perform in Ogród Saski on 12th of August. Ochodlo, who comes from Germany, has promoted Yiddish language and culture for many years. He is director of Theatre Atelier in Sopot and the organizer of International Meetings with Jewish Culture. He published 9 CDs. Moreover, 'Waltz with Bashir', a film awarded to the Golden Glob last year, is to be shown on 13th of August.

The entrance is free.