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Former Falenica mikveh destroyed

The mikveh building in Warsaw's Falenica neighbourhood no longer exists. There is only an empty lot left behind.

The former ritual bath was located at 12/14 Kłodzka St. In the inter-war period, it was used by the Jewish community of Falenica. After the war, it no longer served its purpose and was rearranged into a bakery and living quarters.


The mikveh was pulled down in late October 2016, but the media did not report on it. We have managed to establish that the demolition was ordered by the Jewish Community of Warsaw, which had earlier regained it within the former Jewish communities property restitution process.


"In February 2015, a technical assessment of the former mikveh building in Falenica was commissioned. The assessment clearly showed that there were no traces of the former ritual bath in the building. The building was in a very bad condition and its estimated degree of wear had reached the level which technical literature defines as the end of the life cycle. In the post-war period, its rearrangement and extension deprived it of its advantages. The Religious Council of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, which issues complementary opinions on queries related to religious issues, agreed with the Community's decision to pull down the building. The Council pointed out that the building of the unused and already damaged mikveh that could no longer serve the local community did not possess the kedusha," wrote Anna Chipczyńska, President of the Board of the Jewish Community of Warsaw.

The Jewish community aims to place a commemorative plaque on the site of the demolished mikveh.

Krzysztof Bielawski