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The Room of Blessings – from Kielce to Jerusalem

On 15 January 2017, the Jan Karski Society of Kielce officially opened the Room of Blessings at its Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue at 7 Planty St.

The event was attended by Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, who went to Israel the next day to accompany Polish President Andrzej Duda on his official visit to the country. Rabbi Schudrich placed notes from Kielce, written by the participants in the Room of Blessings' opening ceremony, in Jerusalem's Wailing Wall.


Rabbi Michel Schudrich puts blessings from Kielce in the Wailing Wall, photo by the Jan Karski Society   

Visitors to the Room of Blessings can meditate over verses from the Sermon on the Mount, texts of Jewish morning prayers, Pope Francis' words or the blessings by Kielce Bishop Jan Piotrowski and Rabbi Abraham Skórka of Argentine written especially for the occasion.

"Every visitor can also write their own blessing and put it in our 'wailing wall'. We will collect them and send them to Jerusalem from time to time, to our friends, who will take them to the real Wailing Wall, that is the Western Wall," said Bogdan Białek, the chairman of the Jan Karski Society.


The Room of Blessings, photo by the Jan Karski Society   

This is exactly what happened to several dozen notes from Kielce. They included texts by Bishop Jan Piotrowski and City Mayor Wojciech Lubawski. Thanks to Rabbi Michael Schudrich, the Kielce kwitlech have been in Jerusalem for a few days now.