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The case of models at Jewish cemeteries returns

Photos of women standing at matzevot in provoking poses shocked activists of the “From the Depths” Foundation. They intend to file a formal complaint at the Prosecutor’s Office.

It is very easy to find online photographs from cemeteries of various denominations which display undressed people or people in obscene poses. These are either amateur photographs or photographs taken by photographers with artistic ambitions. The majority of people regard these sessions a desecration of the place of burial.

Some of such photographs have been traced recently by members of the “From the Depths” Foundation. They established that the photographs were taken at the Jewish cemetery in Kalisz although one of them has been taken rather at the cemetery in the Warsaw District of Bródno. The Foundation intends to inform the Prosecutor’s Office about its finding. 

The case was reported by the “Fakt” daily newspaper and the website. It is possible that the girl standing in a provoking pose at a tombstone in Kalisz will be identified. It can be more difficult to identify a woman who was photographed on a heap of matzevot in Warsaw.

The caretaker of the Kalisz cemetery, Halina Marcinkowska, says that the photograph might have been taken in 2012.

The photographs traced by the “From the Depths” Foundation are not among the most outrageous. Photographs of a more erotic nature have been taken, among others, at Jewish cemeteries in Katowice and Wrocław.

In 2013, Virtual Shtetl publicized the case of “undressed” photographic session at the cemetery in Chęciny. The case was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office but was dismissed several months later. The decision read as follows: “The activities did not aim at offending people’s religious feelings or desecrating a venue of religious cult but their purpose was to obtain a particular artistic effect.”

How will it end this time?

Author: Krzysztof Bielawski
Source: information materials of the “From the Depths” Foundation