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Ziuta Hartman (1922-2015)

Ziuta Hartman, a participant of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and probably the last surviving member of the Jewish Military Union died on 19 May 2015 in Israel.

Ziuta Hartman (nee Rotenberg) was born on 5 October 1922. During World War II, in the aftermath of a denunciation, she was forced to leave her hometown Kielce and move to Radom and then to Warsaw.

She enlisted in the Jewish Military Union. She would leave the Ghetto on multiple occasions providing fighters with weapons, provisions and mail. During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, she participated in combat and took care of the wounded soldiers in a bunker on Świętokrzyska Street.

After the fall of the Uprising, she was detained at the Majdanek concentration camp and then was deported to the camp of forced labor in Skarżysko-Kamienna. In 1944, together with other prisoners, she was transported to the branch of the KL Buchenwald in the arms factory in Leipzig.

After the end of the war, she had returned to Kielce. She was working at the Jewish Committee but 4 months later – even before the Kielce Pogrom – she had left Poland. Since 1952, she had resided in Israel.

In July 2010, Ziuta Hartman was awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Another witness to history, one of the last living participants of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and probably the last soldier of the Jewish Military Union has passed away.