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Postcard will recall a pioneer of cosmonautics from Sieradz

The Polish Post in cooperation with the Regional Museum in Sieradz has issued a postcard devoted to Ary Sternfeld. This is the first event of the Ary Sternfeld Year.

Ary Sternfeld was born on 14 May 1905 in Sieradz. He is remembered as a pioneer and promotor of the aerospace science, creator of the theory of multistage rockets flight, author of several books and dissertations such as: The Introduction to Cosmonautics, The Interspace Flights, The Artificial Sattelites of the Earth. His publications have had a total number of 85 editions in over 30 languages. He lived in Poland and France, and in 1935 was granted the Soviet citizenship. He spent the rest of his life in the Soviet Union.

The publication of the postcard initiates the celebrations of the Ary Sternfeld Year. In the coming months, various events will be held in Sieradz to commemorate the scientific achievements of Ary Sternfeld. The events will include, among others, the screening of the film “Ary Sternfeld – The Navigator of the Cosmic Routes” and a meeting of entrepreneurs and self-government activists with representatives of the Union of the Employers of the Cosmic Sector. The crowning event of the Ary Sternfeld Year will be the 6th Sieradz Cosmic Conference.


Meetings and lectures will probably be not the only events. The Regional Museum has prepared the permanent exhibition “From Sternfeld’s ideas up to the achievements of modern cosmonautics” depicting studying of the Universe also carried out by Polish engineers. For a certain time, the idea of building the so-called astro-bases that is small astronomical observatories for the purpose of educating the youth has been promoted in Sieradz.

And all this began with a small Jewish boy whose name means “The Starry Field”.

Author: Krzysztof Bielawski
Source: information materials of the Regional Museum in Sieradz