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The Unpainted Jew at the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Between 15 May and 30 June 2015, “The Unpainted Jew in the Land of Canaan” exhibition will be on display at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. It is a unique collection of drawings on biblical topics.


The exhibition will offer a possibility to encounter protagonists of the biblical and ancient history of Jews. The displayed drawings will depict, among others, prophet Abraham, Sara and Hagar; King David and Bathsheba; Joseph and his brothers; Lot and his daughters. There will also be King Ossiach, a little less known but drawn by Rembrandt.


Visitors will also have a possibility to see the Noah’s Ark in four versions, a temple in Jerusalem, The Tower of Babel as well as maps of the Promised Land. Also urban views and development plans as well as genealogical trees will be on display.

The 15th-18th centuries drawings, depicting people and events of the common Book of Jews and Christians have not been catalogued yet. The exceptions are the works created by the artist commonly regarded as the greatest. Some of them like van Dyck, Guercino, Poussin, Rembrandt, Ribera and Rubens are represented at the exhibition. Other works are signed by the great names of the epoch, nowadays a little forgotten, like Adrichom and Audran, Le Brun and Calmet, Coypel and Heemskerk, Luyken and Muller, Sadeler and Schedel, Suruge and van der Werff, West and Wierix, Visscher and Villalpando. These are painters, drawers, engravers, cartographers and scientists. They come from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England and Germany. There is also one Pole among them – Jan Ziarnko.

The exhibition has been prepared by the Jew Unpainted Foundation in cooperation with the Royal Castle in Warsaw, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Beit Krakow.

Edit.: Krzysztof Bielawski
Source: press materials of the organizer