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Is theft of a mezuzah an act of anti-Semitism or hooliganism?

A mezuzah has been stolen from a door frame of the Antyschematy 2 Foundation.  The event took place at the Wednesday/Thursday night.

The Antyschematy 2 Foundation has been functioning since 2008. Its objective is overcoming stereotypes concerning national and ethnic minorities.


On 29 March, the Foundation moved to a new apartment at 11 Żydowska Street in Tarnów.  A mezuzah was ceremoniously fixed at the entrance.

The mezuzah has not remained there for long, however.  On Thursday morning, the Foundation activists noticed that it was missing.    The traces left by an unidentified perpetrator allow to make an assumption that the mezuzah was torn away with a crowbar.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Tomasz Malec, thinks the theft of the mezuzah is an act of the anti-Semitic nature. Talking to “Gazeta Krakowska” he said: “Vandals would have destroyed the entrance door, perhaps they would break the window but here, someone was obviously interested in our mezuzah.”

Janusz Kozioł from the Tarnów Regional Museum disagrees with that opinion.  He does not exclude a potential anti-Semitism of a perpetrator, however, he points to the fact that Żydowska Street is a place of a bad repute and the ornamented mezuzah might have been destroyed by a thoughtless hooligan.

What remains, however, is the matter of expenses.  The simplest mezuzah container costs as little as 20-30 zlotys.  Much more expansive is a parchment placed inside it containing a meticulously copied fragment of the Torah which may cost up to several hundred zlotys.  The stolen mezuzah was even more expansive than that, the Antyschematy 2 Foundation paid for it about 3,000 zlotys.

Tomasz Malec is far from giving up.  He assures that if it is necessary he will buy and fix even 10 subsequent mezuzot.

The case is investigated by police.  Perhaps, it will be possible to identify the perpetrator.

Author: Krzysztof Bielawski