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Searching for Jewish war graves at the Schindler’s factory.

On 13 May 2015, at 6.00 p. m., at the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, at the Oskar Schindler’s factory “Emalia”, a meeting titled Searching for Jewish war graves 70 years after the Holocaust will take place.


Studies carried out by the Rabinical Committee on Cemeteries in cooperation with the Foundation of the Polish-German Reconcilliation aim at discovering the forgotten Jewish war graves. The studies are based on combining testimonies of the Holocaust survivors who know the location of graves, the knowledge acquired from historical documents provided by the Institute of National Remembrance and archaeological studies carried out with a geo scanner. Thanks to the combination of all these methods and cooperation with the local communities it is possible to reach the places where the graves are localted and identify the victims’ data and thus, systematically enhance the database of the program “Personal losses and the victims of repressions under the German occupation” available at

The meeting Searching for Jewish war graves 70 years after the Holocaust:

13 May 2015, The Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Oscar Schindler’s factory “Emalia”.
(4 Lipowa Street)

Free admission

Contact person: Monika Bednarek, Phone: 10 17 105 ext. 105.


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