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The First Progressive wedding in the postwar history of Krakow

On Wednesday, 1 April 2015, at the Old Synagogue in Krakow, Magda Koralewska and Michael Rubenfeld stood under a chupah. It was the first progressive wedding held in Krakow since the Second World War. The ceremony was led by Tanya Segal, rabbi of Beit Krakow.

Michael Rubenfeld is a theatre artist, actor, director and producer. He came to Krakow from Toronto; his ancestors emigrated from Poland after the war.


Photo: E. Gawron. From the collection of the The Centre for the Study on the History and Culture of Krakow's Jews, Jagiellonian University


Magda Koralewska is the Chairperson of Beit Krakow, organization of the Jewish progressive community from Krakow and vicinity. She was born and bred in Poland, and feels deep connection with her home country.


Photo: Piotr Zachara


The couple said of their nuptials: “The fact that our Jewish wedding will be held in Poland means a lot to us. Even though we are all familiar with the darkest episodes of Jewish history in Poland, we often tend to forget that once 9 out of 10 Jews in the world resided here. Poland does not merely signify the most tragic chapter in the Jewish history; it stands for ten centuries of tradition, culture and Jewish heritage on the Polish soil. The history of Polish Jews has not yet ended, and Polish-Jewish life is getting richer every day. We hope our wedding will provide an opportunity to participate in the Jewish revival which is extremely important to us as a community and to each and one of us individually.”

Mazel Tov to the newlyweds!


Author: Krzysztof Bielawski

Source: Beit Krakow information material