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“In the Footsteps of Singer 2014” Festival

Tyszowce, Szczebrzeszyn, Józefów and Biłgoraj will host “In the Footsteps of Singer 2014” festival – the 4th edition of the educational-artistic journey, organized by Brama Grodzka Centre from Lublin and the NN Theatre.


“Tygodnik Zamojski”, patron of the event, informs that the festival will be attended by artists and volunteers from Armenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, Romania, Burkina Faso and Poland, together with legions of local residents and youth.

The journey will begin on July 12 in Biłgoraj. At 6 p.m. a colourful parade will set off from the near the Singer’s monument towards the square next to the Biłgoraj Cultural Centre. The festival torch will be lit, and the performance entitled “Artists for Singer” will commence. Radio plays will be aired in the Festival Radio Bus. The organizers will await the residents to join the action “Bring a photo and tell us your story”. “Young@heart” movie will be screened at the open air cinema, and construction of an installation entitled “Memory of the Aleph-Bet” will commence after a lecture.

The following day Biłgoraj will be transformed into a “town of many years ago” by means of art, music, circus, theatre, dance and language (getting to know Hebrew and Yiddish) workshops. Urban game “Around Singer” will take place, as well as a happening “Singer’s Street” and, at the very end, “Multicultural dance”.