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Sababa – have fun with Jewish culture!

From 16-22 September 2013, Katowice will stage Sababa, a Jewish cultural festival. The event  has been organised by the Cukerman’s Gate Foundation and the Silesia Film Institution with a view to shedding more light on the multicultural past of the Silesian Province and on contemporary Israeli culture. Planned events, which will be staged in a light, friendly and family atmosphere, will address both difficult and controversial topics and happy subjects related to Jewish culture.


Monday  16.09.2013

18.30 The opening of an exhibition by students from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Kosmos cinema

19.00 A show of animated cartoons made by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Kosmos cinema

20.00 Jewish motifs: Arnost Lustig, Czech Republic 2012

Kosmos cinema

Tuesday 17.09.2013

16.30 Jewish motifs: Terytoria, USA, Israel 2012    Pobożna, USA 2011

20.00 Jewish motifs: Dzieci Hitlera, Israel, Germany 2011

16.00-19.00 ‘Czuły czulent’ culinary workshops


17.00-19.00 Hebrew workshops, alphabet, run by Małgorzata Łuczak

Kosmos cinema

20.00 A concert: Dirty honkers

Kinoteatr Rialto, tickets PLN 5

Wednesday 18.09.2013

16.00-18.00 Hebrew workshops, Hebrew phrase classes run by Małgorzata Łuczak

Kosmos cinema

18.00 Jewish motifs: Tonia i jej dzieci, Polska 2011 / Batman na przejściu granicznym, Germany 2012 / Katarzyna, Israel 2011  

20.00 Jewish motifs: Jak odbudować imperium wódki, Great Britain, Ukraine 2012

18.00-20.00 Tel Aviv fashion, a screening of  Night Stamp – Shirazi at Beit Ha'ir

Dwie lewe ręce Gallery, 23-25 Morcinka Street

Thursday 19.09.2013  

18.00 Jewish motifs: Dziesiąta kropla, France 2012  / W poszukiwaniu straconego dzieciństwa, Germany 2012

Saturday 21.09.2013  

10.00-13.00 Animated cartoon workshops for children: Na Ulicy Krokodyli, Kosmos cinema, run by Agata Hofelmajer – Roś.

10.00-12.00 Architecture photography workshops, on the trail of Będzin Jews: Tomasz Kiełkowski

Będzin. Recording Jewish monuments in Będzin. Meeting place: synagogue’s monument at the castle

17.00-19.00 A workshop – how to make a radio play based on Edgar Keret’s stories


Sunday 22.09.2013

8.00-17.00 A bus trip on the trail of Silesian Jews: Szczekociny, Żarki, Lelów, Częstochowa, Krzepice.

For more information contact Aneta Ozorek,,  512 015 671