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The autumn term at Pardes Yeshiva

This Sunday, 1 September 2013, Pardes Yeshiva inaugurates the autumn school term. The classes will be held for four months (four lectures for four groups each month). The curriculum has been slightly modified. Only two Sunday lectures will be conducted live, and the other two, held on Thursday, will be recorded. All lectures will be available in the online archive.


The topics of the upcoming semester:

W2 group (Thu, 19:00) – Symbols of Hebrew thought. This is a new comprehensive course about fundamental concepts and topics, which have informed Jewish thought and imagination for centuries, as analysed on the basis of the Oral and Written Torah. These studies include light, a ladder, a tree or a soul. The course is addressed to beginners and advanced students.

P6 group (Thu, 20:15) Torah – Parashah of the Week. A detailed analysis of a parashah with Rashi and Midrash. Joint reading thereof.

R8 Group (Sunday, 16:00) – Talmud. The treaty and chapter which will be taught will be announced soon. The upcoming lecture on Sunday will deal with Rosh Hashana and related ideas.

X3 group (Sunday, 17:15) Midrash. A comprehensive and advanced course about this intensely rich and outstanding phenomenon of Jewish exegesis. Those who have already attended classes about Midrash know that this is a one-of-a-kind intellectual adventure!

For more information and in order to sign up, email