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Jewish Days in Płock

This Wednesday, 4 September 2013, marks the beginning of the Jewish Days in Płock. They will be inaugurated with the opening of an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Izchak Belfr from Israel, one of Janusz Korczak’s charges. The Museum of Mazowsze Jews will display twenty works, some of which deal with the Korczak-run Children’s Home. Paintings and drawings come from Roma Ludwicka-Mierzejewska’s collections She has led a theatre group operating at the Municipal Cultural Centre for thirty years now.


On the following day, at 5 pm, the Estera restaurant at the old market will host a Warsaw ghetto poetry evening. This event has been organised by members of the Płock Association of Artists. The repertoire includes poems by Władysław Szlengel, a Jewish poet writing in Polish, as well as Yiddish and Hebrew poems by Icchak Kacenelson and by Rachela Auerbach, whose poetry in Polish and Yiddish was fairly famous.

Afterwards, at 6 pm, Lena Piękniewska and her band will perform. The artist will sing songs from her 2013 album, which honours many generations of Polish Jews. Lena Piękniewska is the winner of many festivals and the holder of prestigious Marek Grechuta studentship. This album includes Polish and Hebrew songs.

A book about Płock Jews in the history of the city will be promoted. The book was written by Płock inhabitants Jerzy Stefański and Jan Przedpełski, who have been involved in Jewish themes for many years. It comprises five hundred biographical notes of Jewish-born Płock residents.

On the final day of the festival, the Museum of Mazowsze Jews invites you to a screening of the ‘Terytoria’ documentary film. The movie relates a story about Israelis from former USSR who settled in the Western Bank.

A culinary-cultural gig will close the festival. You will have an opportunity to contribute to cooking, try cholent and listen to a concert by the Tourkleazz music band.

Abbreviated programme:

Itzchak Belfr’s exhibition

Muzeum Żydów Mazowieckich, 7 Kwiatka St.  (Museum of Mazowsze Jews)
4 Sept, 18.00

A poetry evening
Esteram restaurant, Stary Rynek 7-9
5 Sept, 17.00

Lena Piękniewska’s concert

Stary Rynek, mała scena (old market square, small stage)
(in case of bad weather conditions, the concert will be held at the Museum)
5 Sept, 18.00

A book promotion
Stary Rynek, a tent
5 Sept, 18.00; 6 Sept, 19.00

A screening of ‘Terytoria’
Muzeum Żydów Mazowieckich
6 Sept, 18.00

Cholent with  Tourklezz
Stary Rynek
(in case of bad weather conditions, the concert will be held at the Museum)
6 Sept, 19.00