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A photographer from Auschwitz – the story of a unique witness

October 2013 will mark the premier of the book entitled ‘Fotograf z Auschwitz’. The book is neither typical Holocaust literature nor a scholarly study. It is the story of a witness, the photographer Wilhelm Brasse, who spent five years at Auschwitz. Not only did he see more than ordinary inmates but he also recorded everything he was ordered to do. Brasse took pictures of prisoners for police records and for medical experiments conducted by doctor Mengele. He also recorded SS officers privately. When the evacuation commenced, together with a friend, Brasse rescued most of over forty thousand pictures that he had taken. They are currently displayed at Auschwitz Museum.


The book will introduce the reader to the unheard-of reality of the camp: football matches, exchange of goods, a brother and true love. These unique subjects are portrayed in the album with over three hundred photographs, many of which have never been published before. Additionally, scholarly studies written in cooperation with experts are included, expanding readers’ knowledge about that time.