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Jewish surf rock

Today, Willa Grohmana in Łódź, at 9/1 Tylna Street, will stage the last concert of this year’s edition of ŁDZ Alternatywa. Alte Zachen will perform and play Jewish surf rock. It sounds fairly mysterious, so you simply have to check it out!


In Yiddish, alte Zachen means old things. This name stems from the lingo of Israeli ragpickers. Raphael Rogiński (guitar), Bartłomiej Tyciński (guitar), Macio Moretti (bass guitar) and Ola Rzepka (drums) are a certain kind of pickers. Surf rock as a music genre goes back to the 1950s in the USA, and blends elements of surf culture with rock. Afterwards, surf rock began to be influenced by Spanish and Latino music.

Alte Zachen is inspired by Hasidic culture. Raphael Rogiński and Macio Moretti are experienced in playing Jewish music. Several days ago, together with Mikołaj Trzaska, they played as the Shofar trio and performed traditional Hasidic nigunim, compositions that are meant to drive you to religious ecstasy. Presently, they play joyous and lively music, which is still alive in American culture.

Start: 9 pm