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Ben Gurion. A Political Life – an interview with Simon Peres

On 28 August 2013, Wydawnictwo Czarne publisher will release the Polish translation of the book entitled ‘Ben Gurion. Żywot polityczny’, David Landau’s interview with Simon Peres (“Ben Gurion. A Political Life”). The interview portrays the Israeli politician Ben Gurion’s political life as told by Simon Peres, the President of the State of Israel and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, in his interview with David Landau, a journalist and the former ‘Haaretz’ editor in chief.


David Ben Gurion was born in Płońsk as Dawid Grün on 16 October 1886. He died in Ramat Gan as one of the most prominent Israeli politicians on 1 December 1973. Ben Gurion believed in the uniqueness of the Jewish people and their right to their own state. He was one of the young pioneers from the second aliya, picking oranges and doing simple shepherd’s chores. After years, he became the first Prime Minister in the history of Israel. Ben Gurion was a visionary and a pragmatist immersed in Jewish history and tradition. Yet, he was able to envision the future without any sentiments. Ben Gurion stands for energy which led to the foundation of the State of Israel, and impersonates a leader needed by a country which was fighting for its existence. For Peres and many other Israeli citizens, Ben Gurion is a legend, the founding father of the state and a contemporary prophet. At the same time, they saw him as a man of flesh, whose hard work and determination inscribed his name in history.

The book combines personal memories with a story about great politics and events that changed the world. For Peres himself, the interview was a dialogue with himself and the past, induced by David Landaus’ searching questions about Ben Gurion and his legacy.

Source: press releases