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The 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Środula ghetto

This Wednesday, on 28 August 2013, Sosnowiec will stage memorial ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Środula ghetto. The ceremonies will begin at 11 am at the monument in the former area of the ghetto (Braci Kożuchów Square).



10.55 – meeting place;

11.00 – commencement of the ceremony (hymn);

11.05 – occasional speech;

11.15 – placing of flower wreaths;

11.20 – the end (bugle call)

In Środula, part of Sosnowiec district, the Germans set up a ghetto where Jews from the whole of Zagłębie region were moved from November to March 1943. Jews were also transported to smaller ghettos in Modrzejów and Stary Sosnowiec, which were liquidated in May. In the Summer of 1943, the Germans began to liquidate the ghetto in Środula. From 1 to 6 August, circa ten thousand Jews were deported. The last shipment of Sosnowiec Jews to Auschwitz dates back to January 1944. A small number of Jews who managed to hide remained in Sosnowiec afterwards.