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Commemorating the extermination of Tykocin Jews

Today (26.08.2013) Tykocin will hold memorial ceremonies in honour of Tykocin Jews who perished in the Holocaust seventy-two years ago. The ceremonies will commence at 1:30 pm. The bus will depart from the Great Synagogue in Tykocin to Łopuchowski forest. All participants will place flower wreaths at the monument at 2 pm.


Organisers: The Mayor of Tykocin, the Museum in Tykocin (branch Office of the Podlaskie Museum in Białystok).

Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Tykocin was home to ca two thousand Jews, which comprised half of the broader population in the town. The Holocaust wiped away eighteen generations of Tykocin Jews from the face of the earth. On 25 and 26 August, 1931, the Nazis executed almost 2.5 thousand people in the Łopuchowski forest.