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The 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Będzin ghetto

The 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the local ghetto was officially commemorated in Będzin last Sunday. Będzin residents as well as Jews from Poland and Israel honoured the dead.


The ceremonies were staged at the square near the city walls in the heart of the city. The event was accompanied by a multimedia show entitled ‘Będzin 2013-1943’ by Krzysztof Paweł Bogocz. It was highlighted by an outdoor exhibition of film images of contemporary Będzin and pictures of the city taken by the Germans shortly before the liquidation of the ghetto. Marek Edelman’s words ‘Hatred is easy, love demands an effort’ were the main message of the ceremony. The programme also comprised a performance by the Camerata Silesia choir directed by Dr Anna Szostak, which marked the premier of Mirosław Muzykant’s composition for Priest Klejnowski-Różycki’s text. During the ceremonies, a solar clock in the shape of the Torah, symbolizing respect and recognition for the Jewish community, was unveiled.

The second part of the ceremonies has been set for Wednesday and will take place at Bohaterów Getta Square under the banner of ‘Let’s place thirty thousand stones in honour of thirty thousand Będzin Jews who perished in the Holocaust’. Following a short speech about the history of the liquidation of the ghetto, an official ceremony of placing stones and a common prayer will be staged.

Sunday ceremonies were co-organised by Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and were granted honorary patronage by one of attendees and the President of the World Association of Zagłębie Jews, Abraham Green, and by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.