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A selection of Bogdan Białek’s texts

Charaktery publishing house has recently released two books, ‘Cienie i ślad’ and ‘Prowincje’. Both books comprise a selection of texts by Bogdan Białek, marking the 40th anniversary of his professional activity as a journalist.

Bogdan Białek (b. 1955) is the President of the Jan Karski Association, a psychologist, the founder and editor in chief of the ‘Charaktery’ magazine.

Białek made his debut as a journalist in ‘Gazeta Białostocka’ newspaper in August 1973. Having graduated from the Jagiellonian University, Białek settled in Kielce. In 1980, Białek founded ‘Notes’, one of the first newspapers associated with the Solidarity movement, which he also edited. As a scholar, he worked for the University of Pedagogy in Kielce and later for the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. In the mid 1980s, Białek became involved in the Institute of Health Psychology. Afterwards, however, he decided to quit psychology and, in January 1990, Białek created the first regional supplement to the Gazeta Wyborcza daily. In 1997, he launched the Charaktery magazine, the first magazine dedicated to psychology in Poland. Over time, Białek founded the Charaktery publishing house, which, in addition to its flagship magazine, releases various journals and books about psychology. Białe has been engaged in the Polish-Jewish reconciliation and furthered Christian-Jewish dialogue for many years now.


‘Cienie i ślady’ comprises a very perceptive description of change in the mindset of Poles regarding Poland and the world, other people and nations. The books show laborious and assiduous engagement in supporting Polish-Jewish relations, refuting false history of both nations and overthrowing stereotypes. ‘Prowincje’ is a very touching reflection about people’s fates entangled in great social and historical processes. The books open with a short paper about provinciality as the entire collection deals primarily with overcoming narrow-mindedness.