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In search of the graves of Holocaust victims in Rejowiec

The Warsaw-based Jewish Cemeteries Rabbinical Commission seeks to contact everyone who knows anything about the extermination of the Jewish community in Rejcowiec, Lubelskie Province. The Commission is trying to identify primarily the graves of all Jews who died in mass or single executions during WWII.


From 1940, a ghetto with a few thousand prisoners, including Jewish residents of Rejowiec and nearby villages as well as deportees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary and Germany, operated in Rejowiec. Most of them perished at Sobibór. Over the course of the war, executions were organised in Rejowiec and the surrounding area. It is highly probable that graves of the victims, probably unnamed, are scattered throughout  the area. These sites are being identified by workers from the Rabbinical Commission.

Should you have any information regarding the graves, please call 22 624 14 84. Anonymity will be guaranteed upon request.