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Commemorating Skierniewice Jews – Skierniewicer 2013

From 29-31 August 2013, Skierniwice will stage the second edition of the project entitled ‘Bringing Back Skierniewice Jews to Remembrance – Skierniewicer’. The events will take place in the Youth Cultural Centre, the Chamber of the History of Skierniewice, the Regional Academy of Creative Entrepreneurship and at Art de Grandzie.


The project honours former Jewish residents of Skierniewice. The programme abounds in film screenings, theatrical plays, photo exhibitions, Jewish music concerts and the announcement of the results of the photo competition. The Regional Academy of Creative Entrepreneurship invites you to the inauguration of the photo exhibition ‘Israel Yesterday and Today’, which will begin at 6:30 pm on 31 August. The exhibition will be accompanied by Patrycja Zywert’s recital, which will be a performance of Jewish songs.


Thu, 29 August
20 – ‘Wypełnić pustkę’/’Fill the Void’  – Israel 2012, by Rama Burshtein (MCK/DKF)

Fr, 30 August
17.30 – the official opening of the festival (Izba Historii Skierniewic – the Chamber of the History of Skierniewice)
– the opening of the photo exhibition by Jerzy Piwowarski ‘Beit ilam II’
– the finals of the Fotosynteza photo competition – award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition
19.00 –‘Rebeka tańczy tango’ recital by Dominika Dawidowicz (accompanied by Włodzimierz Stefanowicz)

Sat, 31 August
16.30 –‘Nabrzmiałe serce miasta’ a theatrical performance based on  Julian Tuwim’s works  by the Negatyw Theatre and  Niebanalna Grupa Wokalna WIR-nick (MCK)
17.30 – a film screening: ‘8 historii, które nie zmieniły świata’/ ‘Eight Stories Which Haven’t Changed the World’ by  Ivo Krankowskiego (MCK)
18.30 – the inauguration of the ‘Izrael wczoraj i dziś’ exhibition (RATP)
19.00 – recital by Patrycja Zywert
20.15 – reading excerpts of the Skierniewice Book by professional actors and Skierniewice residents (RATP)
21.00 – Multi Kulti – world music gig (Art de Grand)