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Post-diploma studies about Polish Jews

October 2013 marks the opening of the post-diploma studies entitled ‘Żydzi polscy –  kultura, język, historia (Polish Jews – culture, language, history) at the University of Łódź. The Studies are run by the Department of Literary Theory (Jewish Culture and Language Centre) of the Institute of Contemporary Culture in cooperation with Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre.


The classes will be run both by theoreticians and practicians from the University of Łódź, University of Wrocław, Polish Institute of National Remembrance and Marek Ederman Dialogue Centre. The classes will focus on culture, language, Polish-Jewish relations and the Holocaust. Students will be trained to become qualified to plan, run and clear financially projects related to Jewish culture, literature and Jewish legacy from Łódź and the surrounding region.

The curriculum consists of four thematic modules, which will include detailed topics: Module 1 – Jewish culture and language (80 hours, 22 ECTS), Module 2 – Anti-Semitism, Polish-Jewish relations, the Holocaust (40 hours, 16 ECTS), Module 3 – Jewish Łódź (30 hours, 12 ECTS), Module 4 – Working on a project (50 hours, 10 ECTS).

The studies are addressed primarily to history, Polish, culture and geography teachers, museum workers and workers of cultural institutions, associations and foundations which are involved in the legacy of Polish Jews and in promoting the multicultural past of Poland.

You may apply until 1st October 2013.

For more information and an application visit this website.