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Singer’s Festival at the Vistula bank

This Saturday, La Playa Music Bar in Warsaw will inaugurate the ‘Singer’s Warsaw’ Jewish Cultural Festival for the third time. From 12 noon to 10 pm, you will feel a unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv and have a chance to listen to contemporary Israeli music, dance with Michał Piróg and see a cooking show by Jan Kuroń. Throughout the day, the ‘Kontrasty’ exhibition of photographs by Joanna Król and Karolina Dzięciołowska from the Museum of the History of Polish Jews will be displayed. Large-size photograms show the variety of contemporary life led by Israeli citizens, in which modernity blends with tradition. The authors recorded landscapes typical of Israel, people’s portraits and day-to-day situations.

The opening day will be closed by a concert by Rafjer Sisters from Israel.



12 noon – workshops for children by Patrycja Dołowy and Anna Pietruszka-Dróżdż from MaMa Foundation

Young participants will build a simple settlement, a kibbutz made of a wall and a tower, which was typical of Jewish settlements in the 1930s. They will also learn about the role of kibbutzim in the creation of the State of Israel.

13.00 Confectionary workshops for children by Irena Czerska, the owner of ‘Cukrowa Sowa’ shop

14.00 Israeli cuisine culinary show by Jan Kuroń

Jan Kuroń – long-time chef, he will demonstrate complexities of cuisine in contemporary Israel, such as Moroccan influences present in Israeli foods. The show will abound in many anecdotes, and interesting stories, and will end in tasting. The meeting will offer competitions, prizes, certificates and, last but not least, delicious Israeli food!  

16 – humus show by Maryla Musidłowska

Maryla Musidłowska – a culinary and interior design reporters, stylist and set designer. She cooperates with Kuchnia + and ‘Elle’ and ‘InStyle’ magazines. The show has been organised in partnership with Slow Food Warszawa Association.

17:30 – Ignacy Strączek’s interview with Michał Piróg about impression of Israel

18:30 Jewish dance workshops by Michał Piróg

20:00 – a concert by Rajfer Sisters (Israel)