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‘Not only Schindler’ – unique film meetings at the Historical Museum of Kraków (Schindler’s Factory)

On 29 August, 6 pm, another meeting from the ‘Nie tylko Schindler’ series (Not Only Schindler) will be staged at the cinema at Oskar Schindler’s Factory in Kraków. This time, the documentary film ‘Dworzec Gdański’ (2007) by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz will be screened. The screening will be preceded by a lecture by Dr Stefan Bielański, a political scientist and  historian from the Pedagogical University.


‘Dworzec Gdański’ was inspired by and based on Teresa Torańska’s screenplay. The main idea behind the film is to face a painful chapter of Polish history, i.e. the year of 1968, which saw the outbreak of an anti-Semitic crusade, which resulted in a mass emigration of Jewish Poles to other countries.

Ashkelon, an Israeli Mediterranean resort organises reunions of 1968 emigrants from Poland every few years since 1988. Thirty-seven years have passed  from their departure from Poland, but Poland still remains in their hearts. Dworzec Gdański, Gdański railway station, became a symbol of their expulsion and, for those who stayed in Poland (and who saw the emigrants at the railway station), it was a symbol of humiliation. Teresa Torańska interviews several emigrants living in various places worldwide. The film focuses on individual tragedies of people triggered by the clash of an individual with greater currents of history.

The screening will be followed by a film competition. Film and book prizes have been funded by the Kraków Film Foundation.

Free admission.  

‘Nie tylko Schindler’ (Not Only Schindler) is a series of film screenings organised by the Nowych Ujęć Foundation in cooperation with the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków (Oskar Schindler’s Factory). The screenings revolve around little known heroes from WWII as well as cultural and social themes related to contemporary Israel. The highlight of the meetings is a film screening, which is preceded by a meeting with an expert in the field. The project has been financed by the Kraków City Hall.