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Motivational meetings in Przysucha

From 22-23 September 2013, two-days of Polish-Israeli meetings will take place in Przysucha. The workshops revolve around Chasidic tales. The meetings are open. In order to participate, you are requested to send an application form beforehand.


The meetings will deal with the development of people and strengthening their position. The topics include a change of life patterns and people’s outlooks; ways of recovering after traumas and conflicts of individuals and communities, self-awareness and reciprocity, expressing emotions, dialogue, sympathy and healing. The organisers will present the topics in multifold ways: through healing, communications, education, psychology, sociology, Chasidic culture and the like.  

22.09.2013 A plan and cooperation

On the first day, participants will plan workshops for next year as follows: design their structure, policy, look for potential sponsors and resources for organising the meetings annually, and make a work plan. After an intensive day, a visit to the 18th-century synagogue and an evening with Jewish music will take place.

23.09.2013  - Experience

On the second day, workshops for students and teachers from John Paul II School Complex in Przysucha will take place. Participants will discover unique aspects of the Jewish cemetery.

The meetings are supported by the Mayor of Przysucha.

Contact: przysgathe​ring@gmail​.com