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The 71st anniversary of the liquidation of Falenica and Remembertów ghettos

Precisely seventy-one years ago, Jewish residents of residential areas to the east of Warsaw went through a dramatic time. On 20 August 1942, one day after the liquidation of the Otwock ghetto, Germans did the same with the ghetto in Falenica. Six and a half thousand residents were shipped to the Treblinka death camp. One and a half thousand Jews who had been herded from the Remembertó ghetto to Falenica were deported on the same transport. On the following day, Jews from the Mińsk Mazowiecki met the same fate. The action of killing Jews in the environs of Otwock was being carried out until spring. In May 1943, a barrack in Najwer’s sawmill was blown up together with the last remaining Falenica Jews who were imprisoned there.


Memorial ceremonies combined with an ecumenical prayer at the monument to Falenica Jews will be held on 20 August 2013, at 6 pm.

On 26 August, 2013, at 7 pm, Mikołaj Trzaska with the IRCHA Clarinet Quartet will perform at KINOkawiarni Stacja Falenica, at 44a Patriotów  St. in Warsaw. Their unique concert will commemorate the dramatic events that happened seventy-one years ago in the strip area from Rembertów to Falenica. The musicians will play one of the most interesting modern interpretations of  Jewish music in Poland. Their music and the selections of compositions seek to find a common ground in jazz and traditional Chasidic, Klezmer and Jewish folk music. The concert will be accompanied by a photo exhibition.

Free admission.

Organiser:  Komitet Upamiętnienia Zagłady Gett w Falenicy i Rembertowie

The concert has received  financial support from the Wawer Warsaw District Hall, Europejski Instytut Kultury Foundation and KINOkawiarnia Stacja Falenica.