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A Defaced Jewish Cemetery in Chęciny

Virtual Shtetl portal has been informed about an erotic photo session that was taken in the Jewish cemetery in Chęciny in late July this year. The photographer is Łukasz Sz., a Kielce-based photographer who specialises in wedding photography. Szczygielski has uploaded one of these pictures on the world-famous social portal, portraying Justyna J., a naked model sitting in front of a matzevah.  


Graveyards in general have been a popular setting for photographers over the last  years. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to respect such a place. Two years ago, a picture taken in a Jewish cemetery in Kielce appeared on the Internet. The photograph showed a model posing as a women giving birth, covered in blood. Personal data of the photographer and the model remain unknown. Another women, aged twenty-six, was less fortunate though. She posed naked in one of Christian cemeteries in Bielsko-Biała in 2011. She was captured by the police who charged her with defacing a burial site. Under the Polish Criminal Code, such an offence is punished with up to two years of imprisonment.  

In his interview with TVP Kielce, Łukasz Sz. said that during this erotic photo session over graves, his intention was to draw attention of the public to the forgotten Jewish cemetery.

The Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw and the Jewish Cemeteries Rabbinical Commission have already been informed about the wrongdoing in the Jewish cemetery in Chęciny.