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‘A Postcard From the Yiddishland’ - a concert at the Wrocław Synagogue

This Sunday, 18 August, at 5 pm, the vocalist Karolina Cicha will give a concert entitled ‘A Postcard from the Yiddishland’ at the White Stork Synagogue in Wrocław.

The concert comprises songs composed by Cicha from the works by Jewish poets from the Podlasie region: Chaim Siemiatycki, Rabbi Elizer Szulman from Tykocin and Morris Rosenfeld from Sejny. They are accompanied by songs devoted to specific places, such as ‘Bialystok main heim’, and traditional Jewish songs typical of the Podlasie region.


Karolina Cicha takes her inspiration from Klezmer music. In addition to modern samplers and loopers, also ethnic instruments such as morin khurr, dutar, Jew’s harp, duduk, accordion, flute and mandola will be played. You will also hear archaic harmonic overtone singing.

Karolina Cicha-  a vocalist, composer, actress and versatile instrumentalist. From 2005 to 2009, Cicha was associated with ‘Gardzienice’ Theatre Centre, starring in ‘Elektra’ and ‘Ifigenia w A…’ plays. She made her debut in music with her ‘Gajcy!’ album, which was released by the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw. In the following year, Cicha recorded another album entitled ‘WWW.WAWA2010.PL’  with her own interpretations of songs about Warsaw (Czesław Śpiewa, Mamadou Diouf, Titus,T. Budzyński, T. Tymański and others contributed to this album). In 2010, another album, entitled ‘Do ludożerców’, including music to Tadeusz Rózewicz’s poems, was released. Cicha has recently released her own album ‘Miękkie maszyny’.