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‘Footballers of old time Warsaw, a former melting pot’ – an exhibition

Today, at 6 pm, an exhibition entitled ‘Piłkarze dawnej Warszawy w tyglu wielu kultur’ (Eng. Footballers of old time Warsaw, a former melting pot) will be inaugurated at the Polonia Warsaw stadium, at 6 Konwiktorska Street. The display shows footballers who played for Warsaw football clubs, such as Polonia, Warszawianka, Legia, Makabi and Korona prior to 1939.


Sport in the 1920s and 1930s brought together people of all nationalities, mindsets and religions. It formed an enclave where a Pole got on well with a  Jew, German or Russian. Sports cast a spell which united people in their shared passion.

The exhibit narrates the history of football through life stories of individual sportsmen. It showcases fifteen famous pre-war footballers of various nationalities and religions. You will have a chance to see photographs of highly acclaimed Warsaw sportsmen of pure Russian, Jewish, English, German, Hungarian and Czech origin. These include Jewish-born Józef Klotz, who scored the first goal in the history of Polish football representations in the match against Sweden. Only a few people know that Klotz played for Maccabi in Warsaw.

The exhibition is related to the ‘Football in Warsaw in the past’ exhibition, organised by the History Meeting House (DSH) and displayed to accompany the Euro 2012 championship last year.

The exhibition has been organised as part of the Kibice Razem project run by the Serduszko dla Dzieci Association. The funds were raised during the ‘Patriotyzm jutra’ competition by the Polish History Museum.