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A memorial march and prayers at the 71st anniversary of the annihilation of Otwock Jews

Next Monday, 19 August 2013, at 7 pm, Otwock and Karczew Jews’ Remembrance Committee and the Society of Otwock Friends invite you to a memorial march and prayers to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the extermination of Otwock Jews. The march will begin on the railway siding, near the railway crossing on Górna Street, Otwock.


The march will be followed by a screening of two documentary movies about Otwock Jews: ‘Moje życie podczas wojny. Film o Dorothy Greenstein’ by Ewa Wikieł and ‘Dom’ (a film about Marek Oren) by Julia Umecka.

‘Moje życie podczas wojny’ tells the story of Dorotha Greenstein. As a small child, she went through the tragedy of the war and the Holocaust. She also faced death several times. Ms Greenstein, not yet eighty-three, visits places related to her childhood, i.e. her hometown Otwock, Warsaw and other places where her loved ones perished. The film takes you back in time. Dorothy Greenstein herself narrates her life story during her 2012 visit to Poland. The screening will be the film’s premier.

Ewa Wikieł – born 1989 in Warsaw, she has been studying filmmaking at Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie in Berlin since 2011.

‘Dom’ – this short film, which lasts only several minutes, revolves around Marek Oren. The film was shot in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv and in Otwock in 2009. The director, then a high-school student, is trying to pinpoint Marek Oren’s real home. The film was made as part of Andrzej Wajda’s film workshops entitled ‘Przedszkole Wajdy’.

Julia Umecka – born 1992, currently a law student at the University of Warsaw