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A new rabbi in Kollel

This Saturday, 10 August, morning prayers will be followed by the official Kiddush ceremony welcoming the new rabbi of Kollel, Mosze Bloom, and his wife Chawa. The ceremony will take place at 9 am at the Nożyk Synagogue in Warsaw.


Born in the Ma’ale Giloba kibbutz in Israel in 1984, Rabbi Mosze Bloom studied at the Yerucham yeshiva and served as an officer in the Israeli army. He obtained his BA in Jewish teaching and has just been ordained as a rabbi. Together with his wife Chawa and three children (Lea – 3.5, Awraham – 1.8 and Rina 5 months) Bloom is living in Yerucham, in southern Israel. The rabbi has been involved in charity organizations and taught immigrants at the yeshiva. His passions, aside from teaching, include mountain hiking and learning. Rebecyn Chawa is a nurse who graduated from the Ben Gurion University. She has completed a ‘Gynecology and Halakah’ course. She loves talking to people, singing, teaching children and baking.

Rabbi Bloom will head Warsaw Kollel, i.e. an educational programme for advanced full-time students of Jewish texts and law. The classes will be held for five hours each day. The curriculum also includes afternoon and evening meetings for everyone who desires to learn more about Judaism, regardless of their current level of knowledge.