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Lullabies for Eternal Dreaming – a concert by Lena Piękniewska

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the uprising in the Białystok ghetto. In order to commemorate the dramatic events, Lena Piękniewska will perform the ‘Lullabies for Eternal Dreaming’ concert at 8 pm, 17 August, at Kościuszki market square in Białystok. The artist will sing in Hebrew and Polish.


‘Lullabies for Eternal Dreaming’ is a project produced by Lena Piękniewska, Maciej Filipczuk and the Soundcheck quartet, which had its premier in 2010. Refined, airy and emotionally leveled music by Soundcheck fits with Hebrew and Polish poetic stanzas, abounding in reflection over the past, people who are no longer among us and places of the past which have completely changed. Lena Piękniewska’s intriguing voice and universal messages of contemporary lyric make the music capturing and extremely mesmerizing.

The concert is accompanied by a screening of pre-war photographs of Polish Jews.