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A meeting with Priest Romuald Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel

The Jan Karski Association invites you to a meeting with Priest Romuald Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel, which will take place at Muzeum Dialogu Kultur in Kielce as part of the ‘Jaka Polska? Jaki Kościół?’ series (Rynek 3 Street). The meeting, scheduled for 5 pm, 12 August, will be chaired by Bogdan Białek, the President of the Jan Karski Association.


Romuald  Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel, a Jewish-born Catholic priest, was born to Jakub and Batia Weksler on 28 February 1943 in the ghetto in Stare Święciany near Vilna. Several days prior to the liquidation of the ghetto, his mother asked the Waszkinels, a Polish family, to take care of him, saying to Emilia Waszkinel the following: ‘ You are Christian, you believe in Jesus. Please, rescue my child in the name of this Jew, Jesus. When my son grows up, he will be a priest’.  The child was baptized as Romuald Waszkinel,  and received priestly orders in 1966.

Romuald has been living in Israel for your years. Initially, he resided in a religious kibbutz near the Jordanian border and then moved to Jerusalem, where he has been working for the Yad Vashem Institute as an archivist. Romuald is a member of the Polish Philology Society and the Polish Society of Jewish Studies. Although retired, Romuald continues to serve as a priest in the Warmia diocese.