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Uchanie – echoes of the past 69 years ago

On 24 July 2013, the Zamojski weekly published an article about a Jewish pogrom which took place in Uchanie, Hrubieszów district. This article is an excerpt of the book ‘Śladami Żydów. Lubelszczyzna’. Uchanie inhabitants and local war veteran associations have significant doubts about information regarding the murder of circa eighty Jews who were in hiding near the village in 1944. Based on archival accounts of two witnesses, the authors wrote that the pogrom was committed by Polish partisans, including Uchanie locals.


The book, which came out in 2011, was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Panorama Kultur Association, Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre Centre in Lublin, the Jewish Historical Institute Association in Warsaw and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The book portrays the history and material legacy of Jewish communities which formerly lived in a few dozen towns throughout the Lublin region.

The author, Dr Marta Kubiszyn from the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Lublin (UMCS), and Emil Majuk from the Panorama Kultur Association, who contributed to the editing of the book, have given official statements explaining the situation and ambiguities and apologizing to everyone who felt offended by the article.

On 1 August, 2013, Emil Majek organised a meeting with members of the World Union of Home Army Soldiers – Regional Society in Uchanie, during which apologies and explanations were made. In the following editions of the guide, the synopsis will be modified as agreed with the World Union of Home Army Soldiers. Lists of errata will be distributed in libraries which have the guide in their collections. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, one of co-publishers of the guide, is apologizing as well.

Click here to read Marta Kubiszyn and Emil Majuk’s statements.