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Young people restore a Jewish cemetery in Białystok

As part of a project launched by Aktion Suhnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF) and Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Polska-Izrael, young people from Europe are visiting Białystok for the fourth time. This year, they will restore the Jewish cemetery on Wschodnia Street.


The idea behind this project is to bring back to remembrance shared Polish-Jewish history. This year, there are twelve people, and four are yet to come. The group comprises Belarusians, Russians and Germans, who form the majority of the group. They have planned to restore twenty neglected matzevos by removing moss and soil and putting them back in the original place. Each matzevah will have its own plaque in Polish and English. They will also be provided with translations of Hebrew inscriptions on the headstones. In addition to working in the cemetery, young visitors will sightsee Białystok and visit the Treblinka concentration camp.

Today, a memorial plaque in honour of Chaim Herz Halperm, Białystok-born rabbi who was the longest-serving rabbi, will be officially unveiled. The plaque will be affixed on the rabbi’s ohel.

Source: Kurier Poranny (06.08.2013)