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The Righteous members awarded in Kraków

Last Friday, on 2 August 2013, a ceremony of honouring Polish members of the Righteous Among the Nations was held at Stradomskie Centrum Dialogue in Kraków. The posthumous awardees include Katarzyna Chciuk, Anatol Papierkowski, Bronisława and Antoni Supłat.


The Righteous medals and diplomas were bestowed upon the relatives of the awardees. The ceremony was attended by the Israeli Ambassador in Poland Zvi Rav-Ner and Prof. Aleksander Skotniki, the President of Stradomskie Centrum Dialogue (Stradom Centre for Dialogue). The event was accompanied by a concert by Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim.

Katarzyna Chciuk rescued two Jewish boys named Ferdynand and Henryk Verderber.  She helped them escape from the Kraków ghetto in 1943 and took care of them afterwards. After the end of the war, the boys left Poland. Ephraim (Ferdynand) Peleg currently lives in the USA, whereas Zvi (Henryk) Verderber is an Israeli citizen. Chciuk died in 1981 in Kraków. Ephraim attended the ceremony last Friday.

The second awardee, Anatol Leopold Papierkowski, was a lawyer, working in Czortków during the war. In 1943, he met Lilka Chuwi, then sixteen, who had escaped from the Lvov ghetto. With the fake identity of Ludwika Muszyńska, Lilka tried to hide on the so-called Aryan side of the ghetto. Papierkowski saw to it that she got a job and a shelter. Presently, Lili Thau lives in Israel. She also attended the ceremony of honouring Papierkowski.

In 1942, the married couple of Supłat, Bronisława and Antoni, took care of a little Jewish girl whom they met in an orphanage run by nuns. They treated her as their own daughter, spreading false news that the child was born to Antoni out of wedlock. Although their neighbours were reluctant to believe it, everyone kept the secret. Biological parents of Basia (currently Batii Kfir) found her several years after the war. They all left to Israel but stayed in touch with the Supłats for many years.