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Pardes Festival – Meetings with Jewish Culture in Kazimierz Dolny

The Hebrew word ‘pardes’ means a garden and a special way of Torah studying. Pardes Festival – Meetings with Jewish Culture is a reference to the garden city Kazimierz Dolny. It stands for the entrance to the garden of the remembrance of Jewish tradition and culture. Art by Jewish artists occupies a special place in this garden of memory.


The organizer, Spichlerz Kulturalny Foundation, invites you to the  Pardes festival, a new cultural event in the Lublin region, which will take place on 20-24 August in Kazimierz Dolny. The honorary patronage has been granted by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and Krzysztof Hetman, the Marshall of the Lubelskie Province.

The festival will be inaugurated in the Kazimierz synagogue at 5 pm, on 20 August. The opening will be marked by the presentation of the ‘Gwoździe. Re!Construction’ project of the reconstruction of the roof of the Gwoździec synagogue.

The history of artistic enclaves throughout Europe, spanning from Kazimierz Dolny to École de Paris to the Swiss Monte Verità will be one of the central topics. You will also have an opportunity to learn life stories of Jewish artists, such as Sara Lipska, a fascinating artist from a Chasidic family who easily won the hearts of Paris citizens. Her story will be presented by Ewa Ziembińska, a curator of Królikarnia in Warsaw. Artur Winiarski, a curator of a private art collection at Villa La Fleur in Konstancin, will speak about the painter Simon Mondzian from Chełm.

Additionally, the programme comprises guided tours to Polish-Jewish painting collections at Kamienica Celejowska, the ‘Matzevot of Everyday Use’ photo exhibition, a presentation of the ‘Renesans lubelski’ album, which also deals with synagogue’s architecture, a presentation of Jaśmina Wójcik’s project about an acoustic tour to a non-existent town and many other gigs designed specially for the Festival.

The festival includes films which won the last edition of the International Jewish Film Festival.  The musical part of the festival includes a concert by Meadow Quartet, in which a special guest, the versatile Lithuanian musician Tomas Dobrovolski  will play. For booking, call the synagogue in Kazimierz at (81) 881 08 94 or 692 578 677) between 10  and 6 pm.

Local traditional meals and Jewish cuisine will also be served.

Keep updated on the Festival’s Facebook page.