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A mural in Muranów has been covered over

An orange mural on a gate on Nowolipki Street in Muranów district has been covered with paint. It was the decision of an independent community which decided to restore the building, assuring that the mural paintings will be brought back unchanged.


The building has not been refurbished for sixty years and its condition has been worsening. Cracks have appeared, and the stairs need replacing. The community has promised that the mural will be restored. The original colour of the undercoat has already been selected. The paintings will be reconstructed towards the end  of August.

The mural was made in November 2011. It shows historical, cultural and pop figures, such as Napoleon, girls from Nowolipki, Einstein and the donkey from ‘Shrek’.

The mural was made by Adam Walas and Anna Koźbiel, supported by activists from Stacja Muranów association. The mural was made in memory of Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto. Although born in Białystok, Zamenhof spent most of his life in Muranów. The quotes which were painted on the wall were translated by members of the Warsaw branch of the Polish Esperanto Association.