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The 5th edition of the Meetings of Three Cultures in Wojsławice

This Sunday, on 4 August 2013, Wojsławice (Chełm district) will hold the 5th Meetings of Three Cultures, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish. The festival has been organised by the Society of Wojsławice Friends (SMW).

The main idea behind the event is to familiarise the locals with the multicultural heritage of Wojsławice through presenting traditions and customs of each group, through multilingual art as well as through integrating and meeting cultural needs of society.


On Sunday, the parish church will hold three masses with specially arranged music by Merlan Stangryciuk, Dariusz Tokarzewski and Anna Kostkiewicz. After 12 noon, Natalia  Jędruszczak will speak about the history of Wojsławice. At 2 pm, ceremonies will be held for the Orthodox church. Krystyna Mart will talk about the Orthodox church in Wojsławice. The lecture will be followed by the opening of an exhibition of icons made by local artists Jolanta Jarosz, Marek Wepa, Agnieszka Lackowska and Marian Lackowski.

At 5 pm, a Jewish evening will commence in the women’s section of the Wojsławice synagogue. A film about the genocide of Jewish children during WWII will be screened. Judaism, traditions and customs of the local Jewish community will be introduced by Zbigniew Lubaszewski and Priest Jacek Zdrojewski. Afterwards, Duet Shalom will play. You will also have a chance to see an exhibition by Jolanta Jarosz and Marian Lackowski. The Jewish evening will be closed by the screening of the video clip entitled’ Szalom Chełm’.

At 9:30 pm, the final event of the festival, a concert of Orthodox music, will take place in the local Orthodox church.

Throughout the day, money will be raised for restoring historical monuments in Wojsławice district.